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 "Popcorn Remix" is more than a brand; it's a popcorn destination where every kernel tells a story, where the taste is not just in the name but in every bite. It stands as the epitome of culinary popcorn excellence, a symbol of how, even in the dark moments, we can find joy and inspiration and turn tragedy into triumph.  


"Popcorn Remix" has emerged as a brand and a testament to how the most incredible ideas or concepts can come from the saddest moments. This story begins with Ryan Richmond, a serial entrepreneur who traveled to Illinois to say farewell to his beloved grandfather, Chester Richmond. However, as he thought it was a trip to say goodbye, fate had a different plan for his future. The day after the funeral, Ryan visited a local popcorn shop where he got snowed in for hours. Ryan found himself captivated by their popcorn and by the business potential of what could be if launched in the South.  After consulting with his wife and family, Ryan returned to Atlanta, and they created "Popcorn Remix."  A few months into business, Ryan spoke with his great friend GregBowman, creating a partnership that will last a lifetime. Their Conyers, GA store creates extraordinary flavors like King Crab Legs, Hot Wings & Lemon Pepper, Charlene's Banana Puddin', and Uncle Rick's Butter Pecan. With over 50 flavors available daily, each visit to the store or online is not just an experience but a popcorn adventure.


As starting a business is never easy, Popcorn Remix has succeeded from the everyday grind and support of great people who trust the brand and the owners.  On any given day, you can find the owners working behind the counter in the Conyers store, or in one of our partners' venues such as The Gateway Center Arena with the Atlanta Dream and College Park Skyhawks, The Georgia Intl Convention Center, The Georgia World Congress Center, or at Mable House Amphitheatre during their concert series.  

More than Great Popcorn

Hi, I'm Chester! 

The friendly face of Popcorn Remix Fundraisers. I'm here to make your fundraising pop! Whether you're raising funds for a cause close to your heart or for your community, I'm here to help you with every step providing a dash of fun and popcorn excitement!

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